i-Pay Demo: Benefits of i-Pay for Merchants and Consumers

Benefits of i-Pay for Merchants and Consumers | i-Pay

What is i-Pay, you ask?  i-Pay is a fantastic payment gateway that allows online payments over a variety of channels (like email, SMS, push payments, and QR code) and multiple devices.  And because of this versatility, i-Pay is hugely beneficial to both merchants and buyers alike.

Recently we gave a short i-Pay demo, describing how a transaction would work from mobile and desktop.  But, we did not cover what happens after the transaction – the benefits that both the merchant and consumer receive through its use.

So, how do you stand to benefit from this payment gateway?  Here are a few of the highlights.

i-Pay Demo: The Advantages of i-Pay

With i-Pay, merchants benefit in the following ways:

  1. Real-time payments and invoicing

This is what you want out of any payment gateway; the ability to invoice and receive payments on the spot.  i-Pay demo lets you do this in real time, allowing you to keep your workflow moving quickly.

  1. Instant payment notification

There’s little point in having real-time payment processing if you don’t know your payments are coming in.  With instant payment notification, you know exactly when you have been paid so you can keep the process moving.

  1. Increased sales

Online shoppers are responsible for using a variety of devices.  So, the more payment methods that you offer, the bigger the audience to which you cater.  And a bigger audience means more sales.

  1. Savings on transaction fees

Some online gateways charge monthly fees for their services, but i-Pay does not.  Instead, we take a small percentage of each sale, meaning that your transaction fees can never outweigh your profits.

Consumers benefit in the following ways:

  1. Quick and easy 3-step payment

i-Pay makes the payment process easy for users on a variety of devices, which is great for your customer service.

  1. Security certificate standards

With Thawte and EV SSL certificates, you can assure your customers that their data is safely encrypted during transfer.

  1. Maintenance of private data

i-Pay doesn’t store customer data, which makes data theft exceedingly harder and promotes user trust.

  1. Lower risk of identity theft

Our method of operation is optimal when compared to online credit card purchases as it is safer and less prone to identity theft.

  1. Consumer protection programme

If any unauthorised payments are made on a customer’s account, we will reimburse the full amount to a limit of R10,000.

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