Merchant Services South Africa: What to Look for in a Merchant Services Provider

Merchant account fees shouldn’t be the only factor driving a decision when considering merchant account providers. That is not to say that you should be lavish when searching for a merchant account South Africa, but rather that you should take more factors into consideration.

We will detail a few of these factors shortly.  But, since we started talking about merchant account fees, let’s take a closer look at those.

Merchant Account Fees South Africa

The merchant account fees South Africa has available do vary, so it is important to choose a merchant services provider who doesn’t offer inflated prices. But, beware of going with the lowest quote you receive as well. It is important to consider the benefits of the various merchant services available and then weigh those against their cost in order to decide which is the best value for your budget.

You want a wide choice of products and support from your merchant services, so don’t settle for the absolute cheapest if you won’t get the services you need. Similarly, don’t throw money at a company for features that you could receive from other merchant account providers for less money.

Account Security

Customers want to feel safe when they make transactions. This builds trust in a particular service provider and encourages repeat transactions. Similarly, online retailers want to ensure the safety of their customers’ details to prevent against financial reimbursement or legal issues in the case of loss. This makes choosing merchant services with excellent security very important.

What sort of safety precautions has a prospective supplier taken, and what security options does it offer? These are very important questions to ask before entering into a contract.

Protection Programme

If there are any unauthorised payments made from an account, does the merchant service provider replace the funds? This is important to find out, because it adds a further layer of security to any transactions. This protects both merchants and buyers, which is an excellent way of strengthening that relationship.

Customer Service

Whether you are a buyer or a merchant, you may want to contact your service provider from time to time. Make sure that the service providers you consider offer excellent customer service and are available when you need them.

An added bonus would be if your service provider gives you access to a forum for dispute resolution. This makes handling disputes over product issues much easier.

Merchant Services South Africa Loves

You might think that finding a service provider that meets all of the above criteria is a tall order. But, in truth, you’ve already found us.

i-Pay offers all of the above, and much more. So, for an affordable, professional service with excellent safety features and brilliant customer service, contact i-Pay today.

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