i-Pay South Africa: Is i-Pay Safe?

The world of online payments has brought about an era of shopping that is fast, unlimited, and incredibly convenient. But, it has also accounted for a great many users inputting sensitive information on a daily basis, which has resulted in more hackers flooding the internet. This leads users of one of South Africa’s leading payment gateways to ask, ‘Is i-Pay safe?’

The short answer is: yes, i-Pay instant EFT is safe. And here’s why:

What Makes i-Pay Instant EFT Safe?

1. SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital stamp of trust given to sites. It ensures the safe transfer of data through encryption. That means, when you enter your personal information into i-Pay, a secure connection is established and a session key encrypts all of the data you transmit.

I-Pay uses a Thawte certificate, which is a highly trusted form of SSL certificate. The company was founded by Mark Shuttleworth and is greatly trusted on a global scale. So, your personal data is in safe hands.

2. Tokenisation

Sites that store their customers’ information make it easier for hackers to steal data. This is because the data is simply sitting, ready to be found. For this reason, it is much safer for payment gateways to use tokenisation, which essentially replaces the information with a ‘token’. In our case, this ensures that neither i-Pay nor the merchant can see the information you enter. In addition, the information you enter is not stored online, ensuring that hackers can’t access it at a later stage.

3. Bank Safety Facilitation

Your online banking facility takes great pains to ensure your privacy online. This means that there are numerous processes in place that work to keep your details safe and secure. It would be a shame to bypass these in order to make instant payments, as this could possibly show hackers the door right into your account.

So, in order to ensure that you maintain your bank’s online security, i-Pay simply acts as a facilitator. i-Pay connects you to your bank so that payments still go through as they would normally, but it allows you to stay on the ecommerce site which you intend to pay.

i-Pay South Africa Values User Security

At i-Pay, we take our users’ security very seriously. After all, our reputation hinges on it. So, if you were unsure as to the safety of our payment gateway, hopefully this clears matters up.

To find out more about our safety measures or to sign up with i-Pay, contact us today!

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