Ecommerce Payment Companies: How to Start an Ecommerce Site

With more and more shoppers taking to the internet to buy everything from nappies to groceries, ecommerce is booming. So, if you are thinking about opening an online store, now is the time to get the ball rolling. But, there is a lot to think about. How do you go about setting up your company, and how do you choose an ecommerce payment solution?

There is much to research before you begin, but here are some basic steps.

Ecommerce Payment Types: Setting Up Your Online Store

Provided you have a suitable supplier and have decided on your best means of shipping, you just have a few technical factors to complete. Some of these are:

1. Register Your Company

Firstly, choose a catchy, memorable name for your company. Then, once you’re satisfied that this will be the name of your empire, it’s time to make it official. But, with registration comes a few more choices – most importantly, what type of company you want to set up.

You could go for sole proprietorship, partnership (if you have a partner), or perhaps a private company (Pty Ltd).

2. Buy Your Domain and Create Your Site

Domain names are available for purchase through various sites online, and your hosting company might offer this as a bonus. So, to be sure that you get the domain you really want, secure it as soon as possible.

If you have some experience with template sites, you could build your own site. But, if you’re not confident with the logistics of an ecommerce site, it’s better left to professional web design companies.

3. Register for VAT

If you project that your company will bring in more than R1 million a year, you need to register for VAT. This is as simple as filling out a VAT 101 registration and submitting it to SARS.

4. Decide on Your Ecommerce Payment Solution

Most importantly, if you want your site to generate sales, you need an ecommerce payment plugin. Though there are various ecommerce payment companies
and multiple
ecommerce payment types, you need to choose the best one for your operation. Look for an ecommerce payment plugin with top-shelf security, fair pricing, and loads of benefits for buyers and merchants alike, like i-Pay!

As we said, there is still a lot to think about before you get going. But these tips will put you on the right track. And, if you want to make the payment processing part of your site a breeze, contact i-Pay today!

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